Berlin-based developer platform for connected cars HIGH MOBILITY has secured a capital increase round of € 3 million, reaffirming the current investors’ continued trust in the pioneering startup and the founders’ vision to connect the auto industry to a global ecosystem of developers. Following this vote of confidence, and on the back of innovative collaborations with Porsche and Mercedes-Benz in the last 12 months, HIGH MOBILITY will focus its efforts on bringing its unique developer platform including the powerful Auto API to an even wider developer community.

“HIGH MOBILITY is on its course to become the gold standard for the connected car API,” said CEO and co-founder Risto Vahtra. “In an era where software and services are increasingly defining a carmaker’s success, we are dedicated to building the best platform for connected car app development and bringing that platform to a global developer ecosystem.”

Led by a group of private investors with deep understandings of the industry headed by Fabian von Kuenheim and the Berlin-based venture capital firm IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft, the investment will be used to accelerate the work towards providing app developers with real car data through a standardised car API.

Building on the success with existing OEMs and customers like Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, the company will launch further projects with major players in the auto industry, drive its global expansion, and accelerate work with existing customers over the course of the next 12 months.

“We have been invested in HIGH MOBILITY since the early days. It fits perfectly our suite of other investments in the car industry, focused on Autonomous Driving and Connected Car as well as Advanced Emission Control systems. HIGH MOBILITY is the seldom exception where a startup delivers its innovations within budget and timeframe and exceeds revenue predictions at the same time,” added the lead investor Fabian von Kuenheim. “It is a joy working with such an open-minded, flexible and visionary team in shaping the future of the car industry.”

HIGH MOBILITY, founded in 2013 by Risto Vahtra and CTO Kevin Valdek, successfully closed its seed funding round in early 2016 with a 7-digit investment, again headed by Fabian von Kuenheim and the Berlin-based venture capital firm IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft. The next significant milestone for the company will be the launch of its expanded connected car app development platform in the second half of July 2018 which will include dedicated developer workspaces from major car manufacturers and car emulators for specific vehicle models.

The company currently boasts close to 2000 connected car app developers from over 50 countries who are actively engaged in the platform, many of whom have also built projects in simulation pilots with carmakers in direct response to the industry’s fast-changing attitude towards connectivity. No longer sticklers for tradition, carmakers are now actively responding to driver demands for improved app ecosystems and services. HIGH MOBILITY acts as the bridge between the global developer community and major car manufacturers who are seeking to find and maintain a strong footing in the digital sphere.